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Resume Writing Tips

Posted by allpkjobs on May 13, 2010 at 7:25 AM

 Resume writing is not a difficult but a critical task. Many people are well qualified and have good knowledge of things but they face problems in getting their ideal job. This is because they don't write an attractive and accurate resume. Your resume reaches to the hiring manager's desk before you so try to make it accurate but attractive. Here are some useful tips of resume writing that will be beneficial for you:

1: Once you know your job search objectives then you can write it on paper to describe your ambition and the purpose of finding a new job. If you don't know what is your main objective then you would not be able to write a clear objective. So first of all determine your main objective of the job search and then design a objective to impress hiring manager.

2: Take yourself not as a job searcher but as a product that is to be marketed well. You know that only those products catch attention and make profits that are marketed in a wise manner. So try to launch you as a useful product and publish your key features and skills through your resume. 

3: Write  a resume to take an interview directly and not for job. Be accurate and do not write irrelevant information and accomplishments. 

4: Don't use long sentences with unnecessary descriptions. Try to be as much specific as you can and use small sentences.

5: For above purpose action words will work better such as worked, developed etc.

6: Use the most significant strengths first because it takes only 30 seconds to review  a resume.  

7: If you found any job ad that matches your qualification perfectly then try to use the keywords in your resume that are used in the job ad. This will make your resume very attractive.

8: Try to prepare a resume of maximum 2 pages. Write only specific and relevant information about you. Use standard font size and in certain case the minimum font size that can use is 10.

9: Leave dispute information such if your graduation date raises dispute in your age then leave it and don't write the passing year etc.

10: Write a resume with a flow of reading. For this purpose use specific information in a right manner and leave some spaces between them.

Your resume is your ticket to your ideal job. But your resume can only be worked as a ticket if you write in a smart way. So try to follow above tips carefully to get your ideal job.  

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